I was hoping I’d get some time for a ride this weekend, but between weather and home and work projects, I wasn’t sure how much time there might be. I was working on a deck painting project this afternoon, when it began to rain. It only lasted about 20 minutes, but it certainly wasn’t helpful for painting. Soon, the sun was back out and I started thinking about going for a ride. I knew the roads might still be a bit wet in spots, but it seemed to be drying out pretty quickly.

I decided to grab the Tuono and go for a ride on one of my local favorites – the “Lowman Loop.” It’s a 150 mile loop from the Boise area, north on Hwy 21 past the Lucky Peak Reservoir, and then up over the mountain past Idaho City and over to Lowman. Then, back to the west to Garden Valley and Banks, and then south again to the Boise area on Hwy 55.


Weather was cool, but sunny. As I rode past Mores Creek, I just had to stop for a few photos:


The section of road south of Mores Creek Summit is absolutely fantastic, really fun to ride. My fingers were losing feeling because it was so cold, but it sure was fun!


As usual, the Tuono was absolutely sublime. This bike is so brilliant. The sound is so glorious! The power is ridiculous. Corners like it’s on rails. And comfortable! I just couldn’t love it more.


I began the descent toward Lowman, my fingers ready to thaw out in the warmer air of the valley below. One more stop for a photo, showing the spectacular view from the top, including the road I was about to descend.


Other than frozen fingers, it was an absolutely great ride. Hardly any cars, only one deer, and no speeding tickets!

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