So, I was out on a summer evening mountain bike ride…

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Last night when I got home from work I decided to take a ride on the mountain bike. I live just a couple of miles from the Eagle Bike Park, which, while not a huge place, has a lot of fun and varied terrain, and is a great place for a quick and fun ride. While I was riding over from my house to the park, I noticed that clouds were gathering to the west, and I thought maybe that could lead to a cool sunset a little later. When I reached the top of the trail I was riding, it started to get really good! Although at that point I wished I could have brought my Canon 5D Mark III along, I knew I could still get some pretty cool pics with my iPhone 4, using my favorite HDR app – TrueHDR.


As I rode back down the hill, the sky just got cooler and cooler, with majestic, heavenly sun rays blasting out around the clouds.



It was kind of funny to watch the other bikers out on the trail riding past, looking at me funny as I took pictures of my bike and the cool sky beyond. I’m sure they were thinking “why is he taking pictures?” I’m kind of used to that by now. I guess I found myself thinking, “How can they not be taking pictures? Look at that sky!” Oh well. 🙂

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