…or should it be horses and their girls?

Anyway, Mrs. Whip takes care of a bunch of horses every day. There are usually around a dozen of them at our home that people board with us, as we have a few acres and a nice barn. Last week she asked if I would shoot some of photos of a couple of the teen girls, as they were due to have a jumping lesson in the evening, at a neighbor’s place up the road.

I was hoping we’d get a few clouds to mute the harsh sun a bit, but there were zero that night, so we did our best to deal with the very bright sun as it fell in the sky. I tried a couple of different lenses – the 70-200mm f/2.8 from a distance, and then some wider angle stuff with my 16-35mm f/2.8. I also tried to get some candid shots of the girls or horses, to capture the mood of the lesson, and the obvious joy that the girls had while interacting with their beautiful and capable animals.

Overall, I was quite pleased with the results, and the girls and their families seemed to be as well. Here are a few examples from the shoot:

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