Masters of the Mountains Round Four – Through the Lens

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Round four of our club racing series was this past weekend at Miller. It was quite warm – 90 plus, and bright and sunny all weekend.

As always, I had a great time hanging out with my many good friends at the track, and had the added bonus of having my eldest son around for the weekend as well.

I wound up taking a couple thousand pics through the weekend (about average for me for a race weekend), and I continue to try to find new locations, angles and techniques, to try and keep the photos fresh and interesting for the racers. They’ve been very complimentary, so it seems they’re pleased with my work, which always makes me very happy!

One very unexpected photo assignment popped up through the weekend. It turned out one of my racer pals was getting married in the Clubhouse facility at the track, and at the last minute he asked me if I would take his wedding photos! I told him I definitely wasn’t a wedding photographer, and had never shot one before, but he didn’t seem to mind. I felt a little odd at a wedding wearing shorts, sandals and a golf shirt, with most others there in actual wedding attire, but it was all I had with me!

I may do a blog post with more about the wedding photo gig soon, but first I have to process all the shots and get them to the happy couple.

It was pretty hot out around the track. For quite a few of the shots I was sitting on the ground on very hot gravel. Sometimes we have to suffer for our art, I guess! 🙂

Here are some of the shots from on and around the track over the weekend:

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