Don’t need a new camera, but I sure want one!

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Like any other high-tech device, we buy something state-of-the-art, only to have it be displaced by something way better, faster, lighter, and often cheaper, just a couple of years (or less) after we buy.

I have an incredible camera – which has been one of the best made for shooting action photography. A Canon 1D MK III. Any day now its successor is due to hit the market. The Canon 1D MK IV.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, I really, really want one. Certainly can’t justify the need to upgrade (and of course the value of my current camera body will be hammered as a result of the new model). Gee, just like motorcycles!

Of the many cool new features and upgrades it offers, one that is very interesting is the ability to shoot video. Yes, lots of point-and-shoots do video. However, this would give one the ability to shoot video using the quality and variety of lenses available for the camera. It also has an amazing ability to shoot photo or videos in very low light conditions.

Check out this sample video an artist made with the camera. The entire movie was shot using only available light, at night, in an urban setting. To think that this was made with a still camera, using no added light, is absolutely mind-blowing to me.

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