Today, out of the blue, I received an e-mail through the website. It was from a Utah Highway Patrol officer.

Turns out he was on duty at a promotional event at the State Capitol the day before the WSBK round at Miller. He got a chance to sit on Ben Spies bike, and to chat with Ben for a couple of minutes. Apparently, he’s a huge Spies fan (good taste in WSBK racers!). He didn’t have his camera that day, and has been searching for months to find anyone that might have gotten a shot of him. He finally found my picture, and got in touch to see if he could purchase a high-res version.

Of course I was more than happy to send him one for free, as a gesture of my appreciation for his service in law enforcement (especially since my son has become a police officer).

I was really happy he was able to track me down, and that I could help with his request. I’m sure neither of us knew, back in May when I took the shot, just how successful Ben would be this season. Maybe Haga being just behind in the photo was a clue I missed.

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